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  • NTC battery testing and certification

    Battery testing and certification special introduction: With the development of electronics, information and communication products in the direction of wireless and portability, the high-performance components of the products are also moving towards the goal of "light, thin, short and small". It has been widely used as the best power supply. However, in recent years, global battery recalls have caused concerns about the safety of battery products in the international market. At the same time, market supervision agencies in various countries have increased their supervision of battery products. , Making battery manufacturers face the challenge of improving product quality. In recent years, Nuoer Testing has gradually strengthened its investment in battery testing, improved various battery testing instruments, and provided customers with comprehensive battery testing and certification services to ensure that the quality of batteries can meet international standards. Product coverage: pri

  • Charging pile detection certification

    The function of charging pile is similar to the refueling machine in the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations. It can charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels. The input end of the charging pile is directly connected to the AC power grid, and the output end is equipped with a charging plug for charging ev. Charging pile generally provide conventional charging and fast charging two kinds of charging ways, people can use certain recharge CARDS in charging pile to provide credit card using the human-computer interaction interface, accordingly the charging ways, charging time and cost of operation, such as variable data printing, charging pile screen can show charging quantity, cost, such as charging time data. Classification:

  • Energy Star Certification Testing

    The Energy Star logo is a government program jointly promoted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) to better protect the living environment and save energy. Lighting products are also within the scope of Energy Star certification. Starting from January 1, 2011, all test reports and data applying for Energy Star must come from EPA-approved testing laboratories, and the products must undergo sampling tests after they are launched. Ensure that this product has continuous high energy efficiency. Knoll is an EPA-approved Energy Star testing laboratory. It introduces advanced measurement equipment that can fully meet the energy efficiency measurement requirements of US Energy Star computers, uninterruptible power supplies, chargers, audio and video equipment and set-top boxes. Testing standards: ◆Energy Star Requirements for STB Version 4.1 Version 5.1 7.6 ◆Energy Star Testing for STB

  • Automotive Electronics EMC Certification

    Since the EMC requirements for new energy vehicles have not been launched in China for long, many companies have insufficient or poorly considered early EMC design experience, and the market has increasingly strict EMC requirements for products. Further strengthen. In the process of product EMC design and certification, companies often encounter some EMC measures that are difficult to engineer, causing a large number of electric vehicles to fail to meet the standards in mass production. In response to this problem for enterprises, Nuoer can provide engineerable EMC rectification services to help enterprises solve EMC series problems from design to mass production. Nuoer can assist customers in applying for CE, E-Mark (European Union), Taiwan, domestic new energy vehicle announcements and other national certifications and EMC rectifications, and can test, certify and rectify parts according to the vehicle manufacturer's standards based on the vehicle manufacturers.

  • Environmental testing and evaluation

    Description of service scope: 1. Ecological resource monitoring soil quality monitoring service; ecological monitoring 2. Environmental monitoring enterprise environmental monitoring; environmental quality monitoring and other third-party environmental monitoring services; environmental monitoring data platform development and information provision services; light pollution monitoring services; air Pollution monitoring service; urban air quality monitoring service; automobile exhaust monitoring service; coal-burning exhaust gas detection service; indoor decoration gas detection service; construction site dust monitoring service; supporting air pollution monitoring engineering; supporting air pollution control engineering; supporting advanced Industrial flue gas purification engineering; supporting volatile organic pollutant pollution control engineering; supporting motor vehicle pollution emission control engineering; industrial and mining enterprise gas monitoring services; coal mine

  • Toys and children's articles testing

    Toys are a commodity that emphasizes safety. In order to protect the personal safety and health of consumers, especially children, governments around the world have always included toy safety under the strict supervision and control of the government.


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