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Nore Testing Center

NTC battery testing and certification

As the electronic, information and telecom products are made lean to wireless and portable direction and the high-performance components are lighter and smaller. Battery, as the best power supply, is used widely. While battery recall made international markets concern about the safety of battery and marketing supervisory body pay more attention to the battery safety which made the supplier improve the quality of battery become challenging. Nore Testing has invested more to battery test including improving equipment to provide better testing and certificate service and make sure the quality of battery meets the international stand.

Charging pile detection certification

The function of charging pile is similar to the refueling machine in the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations. It can charge various types of ELECTRIC vehicles according to different voltage levels. The input end of the charging pile is directly connected to the AC power grid, and the output end is equipped with a charging plug for charging ev...

Energy Star Certification Testing

The Energy Star logo is a government program jointly promoted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) to better protect the living environment and save energy. Lighting products are also within the scope of Energy Star certification. Starting from January 1, 2011, all test reports and data applying for Energy Star must come from EPA-approved testing laboratories, and the products must undergo sampling tests after they are launched. Ensure that this product has continuous high energy efficiency...

Automotive Electronics EMC Certification

As EMC requirements for new energy autos

just begin for a short time, many enterprises lack of design experience for EMC, the market is more and more rigorous and Ministry of Industry, Information Technology of the People's Republic of China strong
the spot test which made many autos are out of standards. NTC can provide engineered
EMC service from designation to mass production.
NTC can help customers to apply for CEE-Mark (European union) Taiwan and domestic new energy vehicle certification and can provide testing and certification for components according to the Vehicle manufacturer.

Environmental testing and evaluation

Enterprise environmental monitoring; environmental quality monitoring and other third-party environmental monitoring services; environmental monitoring data platform development and information provision services; light pollution monitoring services; air pollution monitoring services; urban air quality monitoring services; automobile exhaust monitoring services; coal combustion exhaust gas testing services; 

Why choose us

Systematic base, Standard process

Make customers satisfied is the first step to build a service team.

Good systematic operation is the base of a fairobjective Lab and also is the basic requirement of an efficient team and scientific result. Nore Testing Center (NTC) is a lab which was established under the accept standard ISO/IEC17025, the process is scientific which can sufficiently guarantee precise result, efficient handling, and influent customer coordination.

Customer oriented, service efficient

Service is a part of our staffs work and key performance index.

We help customer to pass the test quickly, decrease the certification lead time and solve different problems which is the concept of NTC. customer oriented is the key point that we are admirable. With excellent systematic operation and strong technical power, NTC can solve every difficult problem on design, test, certification and so on.

Standards - oriented, scientific rigor

Standards are the core reference for NTC testing and certification processing, as well as the basic guidance for testing and cases.

The NTC technical team consists of senior experts and industry engineers who have been engaged in international certification for a long time. Has a number of industry for more than 10 years of senior experts, led more than 5 years experiences on engineering technical team, adhering to the scientific and rigorous attitude, fully with reference to the standard of the guidance, to provide you with one pace reachs the designated position of testing and certification services, tailored to your products at the same time reasonable design scheme, shorten the certification period, evading market risk, and thus more competitive force.

Environmental monitoring and evaluation & Environmental safety testing of consumer goods

Independent third party testing, certification and other technical services


UPS certification

As the only third-party lab which provides UPS UL certification in China, NTC can evaluate the rationality of products for customers and product compliance design according to the standards. Whats more we have equipment in 250A and design engineers to do EMI test. We also have international and domestic UPS manufactures who are satisfied with our service. Our advantage is we are not only do test and certification but also provide EMC and compliance design and countermeasure. Long term service in this field makes us keep a tacit cooperation with engineers from UL, TUV, and ETL constitutes. Famous brand GE, POWERVAR, and Kehua are our loyal customers.


Wireless Product Certification

NTC has many senior RF engineers and can provide certification service of wireless products

Asian: China SRRCJapan MICTaiwan NCCKorea MSIPHongkong OFTAMalaysia SIRIMIndia WPC

America: America FCCIDCanada ICIDMexica IFETEU Brazil ANATEL

Australia: Australia RCM (AZC-TICK)

Europe: RED

South Africa: ICASA


EMC Design Services

1.By optimizing the clock signalconnectorshieldground connection of the schematic diagram to ensure good EMC function

2.For PCB design, NTC evaluates and optimizes according to its process to ensure the PCB meet the lever of EMG.

3.For EMC testing problems, our professional engineers will do comprehensive adjustment and provide customized plan to ensure the EMC function meet the requirements.

4. It costs you less and short time for high-speedhigh-densityheavy-powerhigh-voltagesimulationRFD/A hybirdPCB design service of audio and video product by choosing us.


Charging pile certification

Mian test projects: label, 4 charging mode connection ways. Motor hazard protection, capacitor discharge, impedance ground, temperature rise, breaking capacity, IP level, insertion and extraction force, stability, voltage drop, Mechanical mask strike, EFT.ESD static and so on.

NTC provide professional EMC certification for charging pile. We have cooperation with Shenzhen Jinting, Beijing Beiyuan, Shenzhen gaosibao, ENPLUS and so on.


Automobile electronic EMC certification

EMC Certification for Autos

As EMC requirements for new energy autos just begin for a short time, many enterprises lack of design experience for EMC, the market is more and more rigorous and Ministry of Industry, Information Technology of the People's Republic of China strong the spot test which made many autos is out of standards. NTC can provide engineering EMC service from designation to mass production.

NTC can help customers to apply for CEE-Mark(European union)Taiwan and domestic certification of EMC.


Energy Star Testing and Certification

Energy star is a government plan promoted by Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and The United States Department of Energy (DOE). It aims to protect the environment and save energy. The Light is within the scope of Energy star certification. From 1st Jan. 2011, all test reports and date must come from labs approved by EPA. And products have to be inspected randomly when on sale to ensure products with high energy efficiency.

NTC is a lab approved by EPA and has advanced test equipment which can meet requirements of energy efficiency for computer, Uninterrupted Power Supply, charger, audio and video product and STB.


Your satisfaction is the best affirmation of our service

We will strive to do better!


Qualification certificate

Nore Testing Technology - an independent third party testing, certification and other technical services

Nore detection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the NTC) on April 28, was founded in 2011,is one specialized is engaged in EMC, safety, physical and chemical testing and certification services of professional laboratory, is approved by the national independent third-party testing and certification bodies.

NTC is composed and operated according to the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO/IEC17025. The testing process is designed according to the scientific specification. The testing instruments are purchased from German R&S, Swiss EMTEST, HAEFELY and American HP. Advanced and sophisticated equipment, reliable site environment, strong traceability......


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